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Lord Channis Lauros Journal

Mistbow and the orthodox wizards

These few days have been a complete mess and although I’m completely tired I feel compelled to write some lines to describe the awful events that resulted in Bahmut’s death. A dark job performed by Mistbow, the infamous assassin.

Everything started a few days ago with the damned mist, a typical sign that Mistbow the Assassin is approaching. Of course when the mist appears everyone starts to scream and run and hell unleashes. This time it was no different.

Our chariot was ambushed while we were leaving the cartographer’s building, so we had to stop and fight. The assassin was over the rooftop of a small building with his bow at hand. The first two arrows were shot by the assassin, and traversed through the air with a characteristic hiss. More screams and shouting were heard when the attack was confirmed by the people. Most of them closed their doors and windows and sought for cover inside their homes.

When the arrows broke the windows of our chariot and made strange curves to hit exactly Bahmut’s chest, I suddenly knew we were facing a formidable foe. Addon promptly cured the paladin using a Heal spell. The rogue Canrith charged the assassin with bravery and ran until he found himself face to face with the murderer. I decided it was best to fight this rogue in melee so I conjured a dimension door to place Ibizar and me just right at the assassin side.

Ibizar attacked the rogue but he escaped and ran away until he fell over the rooftop. Canrith followed him and jumped down but there were no trace of our enemy. The mist was covering the whole place so we decided it would be safer to return to the chariot and stay together.

We waited several minutes until the mist disappeared. Mistbow never returned and we continued our way, feeling safe for the moment. At this time I realized I was more powerful than ever before, some psionic knowledge was suddenly unleashed inside my head and I felt like reaching a new psionic status. This caused me a bit of fear because I’m starting to feel unsecure about how more power I could handle. Probably I should talk to Muido about this so he could mentor me once again.

After the first attack we decided no party member would travel alone through the city. So we started to go everywhere together, knowing our dangerous enemy would be lurking in the shadows of every alley.

We visited some weapon and armor smiths first but we could obtain no help from them. Ibizar wanted to enhance his magical equipment but it seemed the “arts” are an obscure and very dangerous topic here in Vazud. Although it is not illegal, it seems some people are afraid to talk about it openly.

After this failure, we went outside the city to look for the Church of the great harvest. We traveled on foot because we didn’t want to call attention upon us. The journey took several hours and night arrived before reaching the chapel. We had to ask for shelter to one of the farmers outside the city gates. Fortunately, night passed away and everything remained calm.

Next morning we continued our journey to the church. On our way, we found several crops dying and very poor people surviving in miserable conditions. The world seemed to be falling apart, but we had no time to solve every single problem. We headed directly to the chapel.

The chapel was really a small hut. We found a farmer-priest who received us with a sad expression on his face. Before we could ask anything, he told us he could not solve the problem with the crops. He explain we were there trying to find a replacement for the administrator of our farm who had recently passed away. He told us he was alone there, although he suggested us to ask a couple of farmers who could be prepared to take the position.

We leave the poor cleric after giving him some gold pieces for his church and returned to Vazud. There was no way for these poor people to help us.

Right after we went through the city gates, the mist appeared again. I was wondering this Mistbow should be a terrible pain in the ass for the authorities. Five hundred thousand gold pieces of bounty is a great price for an assassin’s head. Just to confirm my suspicion, the guards at the gate stepped aside as if trying to avoid any confrontation with the rogue.

This encounter was much more difficult than the first. Mistbow started attacking Malek this time causing him several wounds. Fortunately, Addon was doing a great job healing the party and Malek recovered almost immediately. After this first strike, Mistbow disappeared again in the mist.

We waited outside the city for a very long time. Ibizard, Addon and Bahmut decided to look for the rogue right at the middle of the mist, a dangerous move in my opinion, but that was what they did. I couldn’t wait any longer and entered the city again.

To my amusement, when I approached my friends I heard a terrible scream. Mistbow was attacking my friends again. I summoned a construct with the ability to use blindsight to locate his enemies and used a dimension door to appear near the rest of the party. My construct located Mistbow immediately and charged. Bahmut followed the golem and used a fireball to try to disperse the mist. It didn’t work.

After such futile intents we could see a shadow attacking Bahmut with a single arrow. An attack from an assassin received from ten feet away could prove to be very dangerous. And so it was. Bahmut fell to the floor, he was dead.

Mistbow disappeared and I ordered my construct to bring Bahmut’s body near Addon. Maybe it was not late to save our friend. Fortunately, Addon powerful magic worked. Our priest managed to catch the paladin’s last breath and returned him to life, although he seemed to be terribly weak, probably due to the effects of such a devastating arrow.

After the attack we decided to go back to the library and claim for our research papers. After leaving the building, something completely unexpected happened. We were targeted by a group of spellcasters. The orthodox wizards, whose dogma is centered on the phrase “magic is not for everybody”, attacked us fiercely probably attracted by the display of magic we caused when fighting Mistbow.

The attack lasted only a few seconds, we tried to defend ourselves and used more magic in the attempt. All the explosions attracted a nearby inquisitor who immediately demanded for an explanation. The orthodox wizards quickly disappeared.

We explained the authority we were just defending ourselves from Mistbow the famous assassin and from the orthodox wizards, a branch of violent spellcasters. Nevertheless, the inquisitor took all of us into custody for further interrogation. The questioning took several minutes and the inquisitor decided to let us go but recommended us to watch our steps. We told the old man we were just leaving the town in order to avoid more conflicts and he seemed to be pleased with our decision.

As a final conclusion, this day was a complete disaster. We have been provoked, attacked and one of our friends practically died. I believe such violent behavior demand a more violent response from our part. All attempts of reaching a peaceful solution with our antagonists have been discarded. The next time, we will be prepared.

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